Virtual Sports Betting FAQ

The world of online sports betting is vast and caters for almost every type of punter. Using your desktop computer or mobile device you can bet on everything from Football to eSports, Elections to Badminton, Cricket to Entertainment, and just about everything in between. For those who want even more betting action, you can even bet on virtual sports.

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A brief History of the Game of Roulette

Roulette is one of the world’s most popular casino games today, but it isn’t a recent invention. The game actually has a long and interesting history that dates back hundreds of years! The word ‘Roulette’ means ‘little wheel’ in French, and that is exactly where the practice originally stemmed from.

Roulette has definitely come a long way since its humble origins in France, and it is exciting to think how the game will evolve to meet the needs of players in the future.

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The Fascinating History of Keno

Keno is one of the world’s favourite casino games. It is very similar to modern lottery games, and you’ll be interested to learn that it is also one of the oldest gambling games in history.

The name of Keno has French and Latin roots, but the game is actually believed to have been invested in China during the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty existed over 3,000 years ago, making this an ancient pastime indeed.

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Microgaming’s Avalon II latest Slot Release

If you are a fan of Microgaming’s Avalon Slot game, you might have seen the news line “Avalon 2 Goes Live for February at Microgaming Casinos” back in 2014. Originally launched in 2006, Avalon became an instant hit with many online slot fans. The King Arthur medieval themed game featured 5 reels and 20 paylines. Back in 2006, the game stood out for its high quality graphics, smooth gameplay and entertaining bonus features. With the scheduled arrival of the second instalment of this popular game in 2014, fans greeted the news with much enthusiasm. Continue reading “Microgaming’s Avalon II latest Slot Release”

Start Playing Online Video Poker

Players from all around the world have been enjoying online video poker games since they were introduced in the 1970s, and it can safely be said that they are the most popular choice as far as casino games go these days. They manage to combine a number of great elements for players’ enjoyment, including play that requires some skill but not inordinate levels of proficiency, a low house edge and the chance to walk away with some quite phenomenal sums of money in jackpot prizes. Continue reading “Start Playing Online Video Poker”

Terminator 2 Movie the Basis for this Slots Game

Terminator 2 is quite obviously based on the cult movie of the same name. It even has features and clips from the movie, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous catch phrases. There are two bonus features, including a T-800 Vision feature where the player is able to scan for targets and win cash prizes. Most of the action takes place in the Free Spins bonus game, as there is an enormous jackpot offered of 2950 times the original stake. This means that the mission to win will never be terminated. Continue reading “Terminator 2 Movie the Basis for this Slots Game”