Progressive Jackpots Explained By Professionals

Progressive jackpot slots are in essence the result of different devices or in the case of online slots, different online slot games, connected to one another with a single progressive jackpot in ‘common’ and spanning multiple devices and casinos and operators and usually connected within the limits of a single gaming jurisdiction or legal are of control.

Its important to keep in mind that even though progressive jackpots are essentially connected to a shared network, only those players actively playing a particular brand of connected game, stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot connected to that particular slot game.

How To Grow A Jackpot

As for how progressive jackpots ‘accumulate’, the theory is quite simple too. Whenever any player wagers a bet on a progressive jackpot slot game, a pre-determined percentage of the bet wagered gets allocated (or redirected) to a central progressive jackpot prize pool. And in this way of course, the jackpot amount keeps growing larger and larger still.

Whenever someone wins that progressive jackpot, the prize pool is automatically reset on all slots connected to that particular progressive jackpot network of games. And as for how to go about winning a progressive jackpot payout, the only advice worth listening to, is to start playing. The frequency at which progressive jackpot slots pay isn’t determined by much else other than a good old RNG. There’s no magic formula. The trick is to keep playing for as long as playing remains a fun thing to do.

Oh, and then of course there’s playing at maximum bet. Which really is a theme to be discovered all on its own.

What’s The Deal With Max Bet?

Some progressive jackpot slots will clearly state that playing at maximum bet either will or has been known to increase the player’s chances of winning. Which is of course perfectly acceptable provided that the player’s budget is able to accommodate a bit of a splurge. Some progressive jackpots even go as far as listing playing at maximum bet to be a condition to landing the big fish.

This logic is based on the principle of the progressive jackpot becoming ‘ready to pay out’ once a slot game reaches a certain upper limit. Playing bigger bets is therefore in this case an attempt to simply push the slot over the edge. Important to note too that this logic only applies to slots clearly indicating the presence of a maximum progressive jackpot limit.

The advantage on the player’s end therefore begins to set in once the progressive jackpot gets ever nearer the upper limit on the approach. The tricky bit is of course that developers are obviously not at liberty to reveal what exactly this upper limit is in terms of actual figures. Also, upper limits may even vary from time to time so as to avoid perfect predictability. But with that having been said, there do exist players who make it their business to literally track jackpot payouts. Some more successfully so than others.