An introduction to the Kentucky Derby Online Betting

Kentucky Derby Online Betting

Betting on the horse races has been popular for far longer than the Kentucky Derby has been around. It was in fact first held in 1875 and betting on the event was more than likely a wide spread occurrence of the day. The race includes some of the best horses and takes place on the first Saturday of May annually. The race is held at the Churchill Downs which is in Louisville, Kentucky and has been named “the most exciting two minutes in sports”.

Betting has evolved along with technology and today with the internet’s worldwide access, the number bettors on the Kentucky Derby has increased. The system for betting on the Kentucky Derby has evolved into a simpler option even though the types of bets available are vast.

How to Place Kentucky Derby Online Bets

Online betting on the Kentucky Derby is as simple as three easy steps but there are tips to getting the most out of the whole experience. Step one is signing up at an online sportsbook but it should only be one with a trusted reputation. This way bettors will know they are betting safely and will be paid out.

Step two is to fund the personal account. There will be a variety of welcome bonuses available to claim and some may be non-deposit bonuses while others will need a deposit to be made. Either way the bonus should be understood before being claimed. Depositing funds can be done by using any one of a number of banking services that will be available at the specific site.

Step three is placing the bet or bets on the Kentucky Derby and the same account can be used for the Caulfield Cup betting later in the year. Some bets are involved and should be understood but the site will have information on what the bet entails and what the bets odds are.

How to Place Kentucky Derby Online Bets

The Different Kentucky Derby Bets

There are several types of horse racing bets that online bettors can bet on the Kentucky Derby. The most basic of those bets include win, place and show bets.

Win bets involve betting which horse will win the Kentucky Derby. This is the simplest bet where the chosen horse must win in order to be paid out. A place bet is when a horse is bet on to finish in a specific place. If a horse is bet on to finish the race in the top two it must come in first or second to win the bet. A sow bet is when the horse is bet on to finish in the top three positions. The horse must therefore place first, second or third.

More involved bets on the Kentucky Derby include Exacta bets which means two horses must be bet on to finish first and second. They must then finish in their respective position to win but an option to bet on the two horses finishing first and second in any order is possible too. A Trifecta bet is the same but instead of two horses finishing first and second it involves picking three horses to place first, second and third. These bets and many more types available may be more difficult but they do result in higher pay outs.