Trixie Bet Described for Horse Racing Punters

Trixie Bet Described

This is one of the most popular betting terms around, although many Canadian punters have not heard of it, especially in terms of horse racing.

A Trixie bet can be thought of as a Full Cover wager, thanks to the fact that if offers bettors a combination of multiples whenever 3 selections are opted for. The Trixie bet can be thought of as the precursor to the Patent bet, which is also a Full Cover wager, built with 3 selections, albeit with 1 noticeable difference.

The Patent takes into consideration the 3 single bets from the bettors’ selection, while the Trixie will only take multiples into account.

Singles are Not Included in a Trixie Bet

A Trixie, while being a part of the family of Full Cover bets, does not include singles. This is something Canadian bettors on the web considering the Trixie bet will need to take into account when they are weighing up stakes and potential returns.

Trixie bets have punters giving themselves additional wagers, as opposed to simply betting on 3 straight singles. It must be remembered that there are no singles in the Trixie bet, but it does include 3 double bets, and 1 treble. In order for any returns to be made from the Trixie bet, a minimum of 2 of the wagers from the 3 placed would need to win.

An Example of a Trixie Bet

Understanding how a Trixie bet works can expand a punters repertoire extensively, and the allure of these is the potential for a far higher profit margin for a relatively low stake.

The example we will make use of the Geelong Cup betting in Australia is one in which all 3 of the selections for building a Trixie bet are priced at 3/1. In this dream scenario, should all the 3 selections win, a profit of CA$100 will be earned from a stake of just CA$1. It is important to remember that single stakes are not being wagered on, so winnings would be calculated on 3 successful Double bets, and 1 Treble bet, all valued at 3/1.

An Example of a Trixie Bet

Four Times the Value of the Stake

It is vital that the Canadian bettor making the Trixie bet allow him or herself for 4 times the value of the unit stake made. This means that, should a CA$1 be placed in the example above, the actual stake would be CA$4, since each of the 4 bets would reflect a stake of CA$1 each. This means that bettors must weigh up the potential profit margins in relation to the total stake of the multiple bets.

High Returns and High Degrees of Betting Insurance

The popularity with these multiple bets is the high return they offer, but the degree of insurance received alongside them is also inflated. In the above example, a CA$1 Trixie with all the selections valued at 3/1, with just 2 of the 3 selections winning would still see a CA$12 profit on top of the original CA$4 stake thanks to the fact that the Treble portion of the bet would not have won.