Why Blackjack Is A Beatable Game

Someone once said that if Blackjack were to have been invented today, casinos wouldn’t even consider offering it. Since Blackjack is a game of skill , with just a hint of chance on the side, players can actually master the art of beating the house. And this is essentially what sets Blackjack apart from games like Roulette, slots, Keno, and Craps.

Roulette, for example, requires much more of a technical “find the flaw” type of approach in order to show a consistent profit. And even though several good systems have been developed for Roulette, casinos have managed to outsmart most of them by imposing certain limits and/or restrictions.

Blackjack, however, is an altogether different kettle of fish. Blackjack is a perfectly beatable game. Even when you’re up against the house.

Anyone Can Learn How To Win

And needless to say, the house hates the fact that more and more players are cottoning on to the fact that given the availability of the right information at the right time, anyone can learn to win playing the great 21.

This is not at all a statement meant to vilify the gaming industry – quite the opposite, in fact.  It is important to keep in mind that the casino industry isn’t all that different to a theme park. Or even a movie house. All three these industries have a single denominator in common: they’re all about selling entertainment. And since all three are real businesses with real overheads and real profits to be made in order to make it worth anyone’s while, success is without exception measured in terms of the sustainability of the long game and of making a constant profit.

And so, to think of the https://mobilepokiesnz.co.nz/real-money/ casino industry as some sort of a money-swallowing monster only out to make millions no matter the cost, is primarily flawed thinking. This is an industry that first and foremost sells entertainment – the fun of the experience, if you will. It’s up to the player to call it an evening when continuing to play becomes a pain instead of being fun.

Which brings us to why the casino industry hasn’t yet altogether removed Blackjack from their floors.  Not all players are good Blackjack players. In fact, most Blackjack players aren’t very good at it at all.

Casino Game? What Casino Game?

Fact: Blackjack was never intended to become a typical “casino game”. Games classed under the heading “casino game” are those games by their very make-up designed to be unbeatable – at least when talking long-term expectations.

Blackjack, by contrast, not unlike Poker, was originally designed to be a so-called “pot game”. A game of skill allowing the winner to claim the “pot”. Dating to as far back as at least 5 centuries ago, even before the concept of casino was first invented, Blackjack pre-dated the idea of a “house always winning”, as well as any concept even vaguely related to the concept of “advantage by design”.

Blackjack always has been – and probably always will be – a game beatable by the proper implementation of a solid strategy.