Online Craps Props Bets Explained to New Players

The props bets in a game of Craps may not be as complicated as the Pass Line or Come bets, but they are downright difficult to win. That said, they offer impressive potential payouts while taking the thrill of rolling the dice to the next level.

You’ll find the props bets at the centre of the table, and most of them are one-roll bets. This means that the next roll of the dice, which have thrilled players for centuries, will determine their outcome. The few Hardways bets among the props can the active for several consecutive dice rolls. Let’s explore some of the most popular wagers.

Aces/Snake Eyes

Arguably the most famous Craps props bet, the Aces wager is also known as Snake Eyes. It’s a bet that the result of the next roll of the dice will be 2, which can only be formed by a single combination – that being 1-1. Aces or Snake Eyes is one of the potentially most rewarding bets, as it pays out 30:1.

Ace-Deuce/Three Craps

When you place the Ace-Deuce or Three Craps bet, you wager that the next dice roll will produce a 3. The chances of rolling a 3 are 2 in 36. Technically, the payout should be 17:1, but in many games, the 11.11% house edge results in a still generous payout of 15:1.


The dice need to produce 12 for you to win the Boxcars or Twelve bet. There is only one combination, 6-6, that can form the winning number, and, as with the Aces bet, this means the payout is high. The wager also offers you chances to win payouts of 30:1.

The High-Low

The High-Low bet combines Boxcars and Snake Eyes, which means you can win the bet if the dice roll 2 or 12. This is one of the Craps props bets that is not available everywhere.

Any Craps/Three-Way

The Any Craps bet is also known as the Three-Way. It’s a bet that can be won by any of the 3 Craps numbers, which are 2, 3, and 12. They are the numbers that, statistically speaking, are least likely to be produced by the dice.

Any Seven/Big Red

If you place the Any Seven bet, also known as the Big Red, you need to see the dice produce any of the 3 possible combinations that add up to 7 to win it. Those combinations include 1-6, 2-5, and 3-4.


The numbers 7 and 11 rhyme, which makes it difficult for dealers in land-based gaming venues to distinguish between them when players call out their bets. To eliminate that confusion, dealers and players refer to 11 and to bets on that number as Yo or Yo-Leven.

Craps And Eleven/C&E

If you place the Craps and Eleven or C&E bet, you’re wagering that the next roll of the dice will produce 2, 3, 12, or 11. It’s a combination of two bets, so if you win with a Craps number, it pays out 3:1, but if you win with 11, it pays out 7:1.