Virtual Sports Betting FAQ

The world of online sports betting is vast and caters for almost every type of punter. Using your desktop computer or mobile device you can bet on everything from Football to eSports, Elections to Badminton, Cricket to Entertainment, and just about everything in between. For those who want even more betting action, you can even bet on virtual sports.

What are Virtual Sports?

As the names suggests, virtual sports are digitally created simulations of popular sports such as Basketball, Football, and even Horse Racing. You can think of them as a type of high quality video game where the outcome is determined by the computer. Since the game or match is a simulation, there are no restrictions to which players can be put into the team or which Horse Race can be run. Usually the games are shorter than their live counterparts with matches lasting 20 minutes at most.

How Are the Results Produced?

With virtual sports, there is no way to accurately predict which team, player, or horse will win. The results are determined using random number generators similar to those used in online slots. This means that the same Football match can be played multiple times in one day with a different outcome in each match. Different players will score, some will miss a penalty, some will be given a red card, and in some cases, the match will end in a draw.

Why Choose Virtual Sports?

With traditional sports betting, there are only so many matches, races, and events that can take place on one day. For many punters, placing just one wager a day is not enough. This is where virtual sports come in. With virtual sports, games can be screened every hour and horse races run every half hour. You simply have more options to choose from at and you get to watch your favourite players go up against opponents you would normally never see in real life.

What Sports and Markets are Available?

It takes a lot of time and money to digitally create a virtual sport. As such, there are only a select number of virtual sports available. The most popular include Football/Soccer, Basketball, American Football, Baseball, and Horse Racing. The good news is that each sport will offer a full selection of markets including money line, over under, handicaps, and prop bets. The markets will a few minutes before the match or race begins and will close the second the game starts. After the simulation has ended, all bets will be paid out accordingly.

Virtual Sports Betting Strategies

With traditional sports betting picking a winner involves doing research on the teams, players, the location, and even the coaches. There are plenty of factors that can influence the outcome of a match. Even weather plays a role. With virtual sports, no amount of research can help. Since the results are produced by random number generators, you have no idea which team is going to win. Bookmakers do supply you with previous win/lose statistics for past games to look at trends in players or game stats.