Viking Age 3D Slot Reviewed Online

Somewhere in every person’s life they would have heard of or kindled an interest in the history of Vikings. Contrary to popular belief, Vikings are not thugs or barbarians; they are Scandinavian raiders of the open seas in the medieval century.

Viking Age is an online 3D slot that was created by Betsoft, based on the medieval Viking theme. Viking Age is a 5 reel, 30 payline slot that is currently one of the best video slots on the market, with exquisite graphical design and emasculate image clarity. The symbols seen in this slot is indicative of the Viking lifestyle. You can expect to see symbols of flags, axes, wheels, ships, rune stones, Viking helmets, treasures, the Viking Captain and the Viking Hero and his red head Viking lady. Also keep a look out for the arm wrestling symbol in Viking Age, as this might just send bonus rounds your way.

Slot Interface

Viking Age is available online, and you can play this slot at most online casinos. Viking Age can either be played for fun or for real money.

The layout of this slot portrays the primitive age it was set in, yet the visual designs are captivating and add to the fun of the game.

Viking Age features an autospin function where you can set the slot to spin a few times automatically. You also have to option to turn the sound off if you should wish to do so. You can view the Viking Age paytable before you start playing, and you can easily adjust you maximum bet amount and number of active paylines by the click of 2 simple buttons.

Viking Age also offers you the option of selecting the maximum bet per spin by clicking on the right hand of the screen.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

Amma is the red headed lady of Viking Age, and if you manage to land 3 of these ladies, your free spin round has been activated. This bonus round comes with a double win feature, where you can win on individual paylines and at the end of the free spin round the multiplier kicks in and your total winnings in the free spin round will be multiplied by this random double up. Amma is the lucky charm of the Viking Age slot, and the more of these Amma symbols you land, the more free spins will be rewarded to you. Viking Age limits the multiplier to 5 in this bonus round.

Pick Me Bonus Round

Should you manage to land 3 or more of the Viking Age helmet symbols, you will be awarded a pick me bonus round. In this round the redheaded Amma will take you to 3 doors. Here you have to pick one of the doors so your reward can be revealed to you.

Arm Wrestling Bonus

This Viking Age bonus feature is triggered once you manage to secure 3 of the arm wrestling symbols. You select an avatar and you must try to help them win by choosing either heads or tails. If you manage to guess the flip of the coin correctly, you will receive additional strength for your avatar, and you must try and repeat this in order to win the battle.