Master The Art Of Online Baccarat

If you’re new to playing online casino games, then Baccarat is a sure-fire way to start learning your way around this fascinating world of chance, and to begin cashing in on your winnings.

Follow The Leader

As long as you can remember these three terms: Tie, Banker and Player – you’re on the right track. These are the guys you’ll be placing your bets on. To start off you’ll be prompted to place three bets per hand. You can either place one card on each of these prompts: Tie, Banker or Player, or all two (or three) of your cards on one contender. “Three cards?” you may ask. Yes! The Banker and Player each get two cards. However, sometimes out of left field, either one of them may receive a third card – just to spice things up!  In this case the House will automatically award you an additional third card for the round in question. Your bet wins if your round’s value is higher than the House’s. Preferably your hand’s value should try tally as close to 9 as possible.

If you and the House’s cards match – on a Tie – your winnings will be outstanding. The Tie pays out 8:1. If you play 20 dollars, you get your 20 dollars back, Plus an additional 180!

Overall, working out the numerical values in a hand of Baccarat works out as follows: Zeros are awarded to face cards and Ten cards, One to Ace cards, while Numbers are awarded according to the face value of each card. Remember, when it comes to double-digit values, the second numeral in the number only counts in a hand. So, ‘9’ counts in the case of 19, and ‘4’ in 14.

Know Your Worth

Is it possible to employ strategy, so as to enjoy great wins more of the time? Betting on the Banker might have you winning more, as the Banker pays out more than the Player, and statistically it’s been found that the Banker wins more hands than the Player too. Add in the surprise of a third card, and this amps up your chances of winning. The downside to this is that should you win to the Banker, you owe this contender a commission of your total winnings. It might not seem that bad at first glance, but five per cent on a big reward could leave a sour taste in your mouth.

Winning to a Player, however, sees you keeping all your winnings. Play big and win Big with this move. In the end, the temptation will always lie with whether or not to play the Tie. With a reward of 8 to 1, the stakes are high – but the enormous thrill of winning on such a move – is the reason players come back for more.  Bear in mind though that less than 10 per cent of hands are found to be a tie, according to the statistics. But then Lady Luck also has a hand to play – and this is what makes Baccarat the high-demand online game it is.