Using Positive Progression Betting Systems

Since the dawn of time as regards betting and gambling, punters and players have put their minds to developing a system that will give them a little more of the edge. In fact, some of history’s greatest minds have tried to invent systems for beating the house: although not a gambler, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal studied the philosophical problem of making decisions involving events with an uncertain outcome as early as 1654.

Gambling systems which are based on either raising or lowering your wagers are commonly referred to as Money Management strategies. These in turn can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. Negative Betting Progressions
  2. Positive Betting Progressions

The ultimate betting strategy requires you to invoke the 2nd set of progressions, positive, which has you betting more when you win, and less when you lose.

Slowly Increase, and Decrease Suddenly

Because you never know when your streak, whether winning or losing, will come to an end, the answer is to slowly progress your wagers after you receive a win, but bring your NRL bets online back to the minimum base whenever you lose. This is the definition of a Positive Progression system, and it works because you simply cannot get wiped out by any series of losses.

The Paroli Betting System

The Paroli Positive Progression system was designed in order to take advantage of your winning streaks: begin by choosing a number of wins for your progression, and go from there. For a 3-win progression:

  1. You first bet is AU$5, and you win AU$5.
  2. Your second bet is AU$10, and you win AU$10.
  3. Your third bet is AU$30, and you win AU$30.
  4. This sees the end of your progression, and at this point you return to your base bet of AU$5.

Any time you lose you will return to your base bet as well, and the sequence starts again.

The 1 Half Up Betting System

The 1 Half Up is also a very popular Positive Progression system whereby you do not increase your wager until you have managed to win 2 in a row, and after that occurs you start increasing your wager by 1 half of your original. For example:

  1. You make an AU$10 bet and win. This means you are even, so your progression does not yet begin.
  2. You make another AU$10 bet, and, when it wins, your progression is begun and your next bet increases by half.
  3. You now bet AU$15, and should you be successful your next bet is AU$20.
  4. If you lose your next wager, you start again at AU$10, but will still already have seen a profit of AU$15.

Mathematicians have shown that over the long run these systems do not work, but, since you are not playing for an infinite amount of time, the shorter periods in which you do apply them can see you making more money than you may have without them. Winning streaks will help you see excellent returns, and losing streaks will not clean you out thanks to the rules you are laying your bets by.