The Story Of Tom Waterhouse

Tom Waterhouse is an industry standard in the world of sports betting. A common household name for punters across Australia, Tom Waterhouse is the man behind one of the most reputable online sports books on the planet.

Punters from Australia eager to learn about the story of Tom Waterhouse will be delighted with the following overview of Tom Waterhouse and how he came to build one of the biggest and most successful online betting establishments in the world.

Who Is Tom Waterhouse?

Tom Waterhouse is an Australian bookmaker known as William Hill Australia.  He is the CEO of William hill Australia and stems from a long lineage of bookmakers as the fourth generation in his family to follow in the betting realms footsteps.

Punters from Australia will be interested to learn that Tom Waterhouse born Robert Thomas Warehouse is the great grandson of one of the first official bookmakers in Australia. Both of Tom’s grandfathers were heavily involved in racing disciplines across Australia.

The formative Years

Punters will be eager to learn that Waterhouse was an average kid; the story of Tom Waterhouse begins in Sydney Australia where Tom was born. He received his schooling at Shore in North Sydney. Tom then went on to study a Bachelor of Commerce and Liberal Studies at Sydney University.

Tom Waterhouse Ironically opted for Finance and Marketing as his majors and he actually had every intention of pursuing a career in the financial industry. Today he owns one of Australians most prestigious AFL premiership betting sites.

Finding Bookmaking

The story of Tom Waterhouse like any man’s story is about the opportunity you take and the opportunity you make.  The year was 2001 and Tom’s father, Robbie Waterhouse had asked Tom to assist him at Rosehill racecourse.

He thoroughly enjoyed working at the racecourse and altered his student lifestyle to accommodate the races and betting culture, which he was familiarizing himself with at a rapid rate.

Shortly after Tom started assisting his father he obtained his bookmakers license. Tom began working as an official bookmaker in 2003, the year in which he obtained his bookmakers license. The apple did not fall too far from the tree in the story of Tom Waterhouse; by 2008 Tom was Australia’s biggest on-track bookmaker.

Tom the Business Man

Toms’ efforts at University were not in vein. Today in the story of Tom Waterhouse, Tom Waterhouse is writing his very own story through the Internet by harvesting the power of technology to grow his budding empire. Toms’ online betting business is, and is owned in various shares by his brothers and sisters and of course Tom.

Fighting for Punters

Punters eager to learn more about the story of tom Waterhouse will be delighted to know that Tom is a real pioneer in the online betting realm within Australia and around the globe. Like any businessman passionate about his undertakings, Tom has recently been the centrepiece of media hype.

A new concession in the social licensing department of online betting has sparked Tom Waterhouse’s interest. Waterhouse currently finds himself in a stalemate with online betting rivals over gambling reforms.

The concession, if it is to be implemented will see a ban on offering credit to punters, no more bonus offerings or promotional offers for new players signing up with a betting provider and the reduction in advertising volume particularly during sporting events.