Are Tipsters Reliable?

Simply put, a tipster is somebody that gives information on the outcomes of sporting events on a regular basis. This information was traditionally quite tricky to come by, and as a result was highly sought after by punters. Especially if the tipster in question appeared to be right more often than not.

Tipsters can either work on their own or in a group, and are usually independent of any bookies. The more accurate a tipster’s previous tips have been the more sought after that tipster will be. But that leads into another question, how accurate are tipsters really, and are tipsters reliable? This is not an easy question to answer but by looking at the facts we can draw our own conclusions.

Types Of Tipster

There are generally 2 types of tipster; the insider and the analyser. The insider is normally a person close to one of the competitors and has a behind the scenes knowledge that allows him or her to gain insights into the event or athlete or race horse that others with limited access simply cannot know. In horse racing circles, a tip that is generally seen as a sure thing or statistical certainty is also know as a nap.

The second type of tipster, or what I have labelled as the analyser is a statistical guru and can apply mathematics and reasoning to a set of probabilities and usually come out on top. His or her value is different to the insider as this data is more rooted in data sets and not in first hand accounts from competitors or people within the closed circle close to the team or athlete.

Are Tipsters Accurate? 

The simple answer is yes, tipsters that are good at analysing data, or tipsters with inside knowledge and information about an event, race or match can be very reliable. There are however those that masquerade as tipsters but actually recycle other people’s tips or simply make up their own as they go.

These scam artists are usually easy to spot as they pop up overnight and tend to vanish almost as quickly. This is why a good reputation should always precede your dealings with a tipster.

The internet has also muddied the waters a bit for tipsters, this is because everyone is able to weigh in on their opinions when posting anonymously online and these musings may or may not be rooted in fact, which makes these tips a bit tricky to verify.

Another factor to consider when looking at Aussie sports betting sites is to do your research thoroughly and make sure that whatever tips you are following are logical.

Do Tipsters Still Play A Role?

The answer here must surely be yes. To casual punters it is almost impossible to wade through all of the statistical data necessary to draw mathematically accurate odds on which to place bets. Leaving this drudgery to a passionate tipster is usually well worth the money and time that would be otherwise spent by punters.

Likewise it is almost certain that a casual punter would not have the necessary connections within the sport on which he is wishing to place a wager to have gleaned any worth while information that will make a meaningful contribution to his or her betting.

By using a healthy mix of tipsters, the internet and common sense, punters can find themselves making smart choices at the bookies.