Terminator 2 Movie the Basis for this Slots Game

Terminator 2 is quite obviously based on the cult movie of the same name. It even has features and clips from the movie, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous catch phrases. There are two bonus features, including a T-800 Vision feature where the player is able to scan for targets and win cash prizes. Most of the action takes place in the Free Spins bonus game, as there is an enormous jackpot offered of 2950 times the original stake. This means that the mission to win will never be terminated.

This game has 5 reels and a very large number of ways to win, 243 ways in fact. The film from which the slots game takes its inspiration is the Judgement Day movie, directed by James Cameron, and released in 1991. Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the stars, and the one liners such as “I’ll be back” and “Hasta la Vista, Baby” have become household sayings.  These sayings are also used when you’re to play online slots game in certain circumstances.

The story of the game is of Sarah Connor and her son John. They are trying to escape from the robot T-1000, who is the advanced prototype Terminator, as he is following them to try to kill John. In the future John is destined to become the leader of human resistance against machines, and the Terminator is trying to prevent this. Arnold, who is a less advanced Terminator, is sent back through time to thwart the designs of T-1000, and to protect John.

How to Play Terminator 2

This game is played against a background of scenes from the movie. It also has superb 3D graphics and a good soundtrack. There are metallic overlays on the reels, and symbols as well of robotic animations.  In this game free spins, that do not, however, activate wins, can trigger the T-800 Vision option. This means that the player plays the game as if he were the Terminator and looks for targets to shoot. The player will receive a cash prize for all character symbols, but the biggest prize is for the T-1000 symbol.  However, just one of the scatter symbols will activate the Free Spins feature.

There is also the Orb, which acts as the Terminator’s means of travelling through time, and which is also a scatter. Two or more of the Orbs, appearing anywhere will give the player a payout. Three or more will award the player with 10 free spins.

Bonuses and Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus game will reward the player with 10 free spins. The layout of the game can now actually change in size, in order to offer the player a reel set with the huge number of 1204 ways to win. The interesting point of this bonus game is the fact that the T-1000 symbol can transform when it forms part of a winning spin, to change into any of the other symbols and give the player the best possible winning combination. There is no way, though, to win extra free spins.

The real big wins come with the free spins feature. There is an offer of over 2950 times the original stake made by the player at https://slotscanada.net/.

After every winning spin, the main character symbols come to life in real video clips from the movie, bringing all the excitement of Terminator 2 story.