Start Playing Online Video Poker

Players from all around the world have been enjoying online video poker games since they were introduced in the 1970s, and it can safely be said that they are the most popular choice as far as casino games go these days. They manage to combine a number of great elements for players’ enjoyment, including play that requires some skill but not inordinate levels of proficiency, a low house edge and the chance to walk away with some quite phenomenal sums of money in jackpot prizes.

About Online Video Poker Rules

The greatest aspect of online video poker has to be how simple the game is, with a very basic set of rules being laid out for play. You make a selection of between one and five coins, the machine deals out a five-card poker hand, you make a selection of which ones to keep and which to exchange, and, after this has been done and your final hand has been revealed, your payout will be made according to the attached paytable visible on screen.

Another reason online video poker is so popular is that it is the exception to the rule of the house always having the advantage. When you take into account the cash back bonuses, free play offers and various other comps on offer to players, you will be in the running for returns of well over 100%.

How Online Video Poker is Played

Depending on which variation you are playing, you will be using a standard 52-card deck to play online video poker, with games that include joker-wilds making those available as well. After you have selected your wager amount you will select the deal button, and the online video poker software will randomly hand you five cards. You will then need to decide which cards to keep and which ones to hand back, the software replaces the cards you have rejected, and your best hand is then revealed with the five cards you now hold.

A basic knowledge of the rankings of online poker hands is required to successfully enjoy online video poker, but this is something very easily done. You don’t even have to commit these to memory if you don’t want to, as you are more than able to refer to a list when you enjoy play from the comfort of your own home. The best way to learn the value of the hands is to play the game as often as you can, and, even if you have little to no poker experience, you will very quickly find yourself able to tell the various hands apart and make your way to the royal flush with ease!

Learn How to Play Video Poker

Thanks to the complete anonymity the internet provides players with, it is also a great way to learn the game if you have never been able to do so before, and you will be able to enjoy free and demo versions of these games for as long as you like, with absolutely no money required. Find your feet before you begin, and bet only when you are sure you have a reasonable chance of having the winning hand!