Most Profitable And Popular Sports To Bet On

When getting into sports betting, there are 2 common questions asked by newcomers. Namely; which is the most popular sport to put wagers on, and which is the most lucrative to put wagers on?

In response to the first question, there is a straightforward answer. The second question, however, is a bit more complicated, and more a matter of perspective.

The Most Popular

In terms of global statistics, soccer is without a doubt the most commonly bet on sport. This stands to reason, given that a large percentage of the world is invested the game, has local teams, and will even see a national team make an attempt at the World Cup. Online bookmakers also focus a great deal of their attention on soccer, providing extensive betting options on a variety of tournaments.

NFL, or American Football, is a close second. Although largely focused in the United States, NFL has been enjoying a wider audience in recent years, with many global punters dabbling in the market. Locally, however, the NFL and college football scene is nothing short of ravenous. In 2015 the American Gaming Association estimated that a stunning $93 billion was going to be wagered in a single year, which puts the industry into perspective.


Many sports betting enthusiasts will immediately declare that American Football is by far the most lucrative betting genre, for a few interesting reasons. The first, and most commonly cited reason, is that favourites tend to lose far less overall. If a favourite team is dominating, that team tends to keep dominating, declaring themselves as a safe option.

Alternatively, enthusiasts will also point out that college football is an extremely exciting scene, with unbelievable odds. Sportsbooks will often give broad spreads as seasons progress, making underdog wagering potentially a very attractive opportunity.

However, perhaps the biggest drawback is that American Football is only played during very specific seasons, making wagering opportunities limited.


When it comes to soccer, the situation is a little different, but potentially just as lucrative. The biggest and most interesting difference is that in soccer, opportunities are given to wager on a tie. As opposed to going with a favourite team versus an opponent, putting down money on a tie can be significantly more profitable.

There are also only a few powerhouse teams, including France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany and a few others. This means that choosing a winner during a Wold Cup season is often far more forgiving.

Additionally, there is almost always a match, or tournament, happening somewhere in the world. So a punter is never stuck without anything to bet on.

Matter Of Research

All in all, what really makes games of chance profitable is doing research, and paying attention to tips. Any game or tournament can be a good option, assuming that smart wagers are made. The internet provides numerous free tip sites, and if these resources are utilised, having bets succeed is a far more likely outcome. So it may not be which sport, as opposed to making smarter decisions.