A Beginner’s Guide To Rugby Betting

Over the past century, Rugby has gained ever greater popularity and spectatorship around the world. The following article outlines the basics of everything the beginner at rugby betting needs to know to get started.

Though you could start betting at any point by simply downloading a sports betting app or logging on to an online sports betting site and creating an account, there are a few things that you would do well to be aware of first.

The Rugby Union & League

The first thing to be aware of, in case you don’t know, is the difference between the different rugby “codes” or types.

The ‘Rugby Union’ and ‘Rugby League’ codes were first formed during a schism in the sport in the year 1895 in England, the birthplace of rugby.

While, for the most part, the codes are quite similar in their rules, they are also distinctly dissimilar in a number of ways, such as the amount of members in each team, and the scoring system, among others.

Always Do Your Research

Knowing the difference between the codes is just the start. Whether you choose one, or both, from that moment on, make it your goal to learn everything you possibly can about them. From the rules, to the players, to the coach, to the venues they train at, the gear they use, their injuries and fitness levels, or even so far as what they eat for lunch. Provided you don’t start stalking and harassing them, each and any bit of information helps to give you a greater ability to reliably predict the outcomes of games and player performance, and know when to bet, or not.

The research doesn’t stop there though. Research the different bookmakers and their credibility, compare the odds and payouts they are offering, and then choose your bets accordingly. Bookmakers are highly competitive, so you’re bound to find one offering better odds for your money’s worth.

Common Rugby Betting Options

Though the two codes have differing rules, the betting options are nevertheless, exactly the same.

Handicaps – Basically the bookie’s method of “levelling the playing field”, the handicap is designed to give the underdog an advantage in points. The other team score will then have to exceed this handicap in order for bets on them to win. This creates an opportunity for potentially far better payout on a team that would otherwise be a safe bet and pay out very little.

Outright bets – the most common type of bet, also known as “win” or “moneyline” bets, this is wager is on the “outright” winner of a game or match. According to the odds in play, it is usually also the highest paying.

Totals Bets – also known as Over/Under bets, this requires the bettor to predict whether a certain score will be over under the amount predicted by the bookmaker.

Prop Bets – or “proposition” bets are special wagers, supplied by the bookmakers, that bettors can make on individual players, certain stats, scores, or factors of the game.