The 6 Habits of Long-Term Successful Gamblers

Most casino games are based on chance, with varying levels of skill and insight into betting strategies required too.

If you want to be successful in the long run it’s best to keep your strategies simple and stay calm, remembering that you’ll need to ride out both winning streaks and losing streaks.

You almost certainly already know about managing your bankroll, setting a budget and sticking to it, and never chasing your losses. Now, to paraphrase the title of Stephen Covey’s mega-popular self-help book, we’ve put together a list of 6 more habits of highly successful gamblers. Check them out below.

Stick to Blackjack Basics

Strategy charts show you the right move to for each possible 2-card combination that you could be dealt, so make sure you check these out. There are also strict guidelines on when to surrender, which will help you minimise your losses. Get familiar with these tactics first, and look at more complex concepts such as probability once you’ve had some more playing experience.

Avoid Most Craps Bets

One of the reasons so many people love Craps is that is has such a wide range of bets to choose from. This keeps it exciting, but you need to look carefully at the odds before you put any money down. Some are incredibly high, while others are low enough to offer you an excellent chance of winning. Place a few of the more outlandish wagers for variety, but keep the amounts small and put most of your budget into bets with shorter odds.

Don’t Bet on a Baccarat Tie

Another wager with incredibly long odds, which you should never spend a lot of money on, is the tie in Baccarat. While it’s true that the 9:1 payout is nothing short of incredible, the high reward is matched by the level of risk since the house edge is over 14%. The odds for a player or banker total being higher are much better, so even though the 1:1 return is smaller, it’s still a win and you’re much likelier to nail it.

Be Careful With Comps

Online bonuses and promotions can be very beneficial, but you definitely need to exercise caution. Check the terms and conditions, including the playthrough requirements, before you agree to anything. No matter how attractive an offer sounds, if it doesn’t apply to the games you want or has unrealistic requirements, you might be better off avoiding it.

Don’t Try to Impress Anyone

This is very important. You need to keep your ego in check when you’re playing. If you’re trying to look like some kind of hardcore high roller, you could easily bet more than you can afford to or make foolish mistakes.

Make Sure You Enjoy Your Game Time

Your primary focus should be on enjoying your online New Zealand casino play, and treating any wins as pleasant surprises. Choose the games that you like, so that you know you’ll have fun.

This keeps your gambling light-hearted, and promotes responsible behaviour. Basically, as with so much in life, try to prioritise the journey rather than the destination.