Genting Launches New Live Casino Brand

In the world of land based and online casinos, Genting is a name most people are familiar with. As one of the giants in the industry, Genting opened their very first land based casino over fifty years ago. Today they are a multi-national company with a reputation for being a world-class casino operator both offline and online. Following on from their successful land based casino, Genting opened their very own online casino platform which has gone on to receive much acclaim from players and the industry. Recently the news line hit “Genting launches new live casino brand.”

A New Level of Casino Gaming

With many top-class online casinos already offering live casino options, some people might be wondering why the hype? With a reputation for casino excellence, the news that Genting launches new live casino brand caused ripples throughout the industry. As expected, Genting have created a live casino option that completely transforms the way players look at online gambling. The operator has taken the high quality ambiance and structure of their land based casinos and incorporated it into a stylish and smooth online experience where players can enjoy world class table games with high limits and massive payouts.

How Live Casino Games Work?

So what does the news line “Genting launches new live casino brand” mean for players at the casino? For players that are not familiar with live casinos, the Genting live casino platform can be viewed as a land based casino with online access. Players will be able to access top-class card and table games and play instantly online with real live dealers and real tables. So how does it work? Live dealer games use video streaming technology to stream live video footage directly to your smartphone, tablet or PC computer. The games themselves are played on real tables with real cards and real roulette wheels.

What Genting Has to Offer

Genting’s live casino is available to all Genting online casino guest. Players can log on and play a complete list of live dealer games, Australian pokies, while being able to physically see the tables and interact with the professional dealers. The news line “Genting launches new live casino brand” means that players can enjoy a world class land based casino experience from their living room. So what exactly does the casino have to offer? The live casino features a wide selection of table and card games including live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and live poker.

Crockfords VIP Live Casino Experience

When the news broke “Genting launches new live casino brand,” many industry leaders sat up and took notice. In true Genting style, the operator teamed up with Crockfords, to create a VIP live casino experience. The Crockfords live casino offers players at high quality VIP experience as a recreation of one of the world’s most prestigious card clubs. At the Crockfords VIP live casino, players can access and play their favourite live casino games with higher table limits and bigger payouts. The VIP live casino is open from 5pm to 5am UK time every day of the week. Players can log on and play their favourite games including VIP roulette games, blackjack games and baccarat squeeze.